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Learn Spanish in a friendly enviroment!
We offer a wide range of training formats to suit your needs and expectations.

DWS Spanish School offers two different volunteering programmes: One-day programme and Long-Term programmes

One-Day Programme
Seeing, understanding, uncovering... and being a volunteer

Be part of this reality? What would it be like to get to know one of these neighbourhoods from the inside? What would it be like to explore every nook and cranny? See the houses, know their people’s sense of humour, interact with them and share anecdotes and experiences?

The "Seeing, understanding, uncovering… and being a volunteer " project looks for people who want to explore the other side of a city. For those who want to understand more about social exclusion… or to see a different way of living!

So, for one morning or one afternoon we will;

  • Take a closer look at their houses, community centres, new businesses and workshops
  • Taste typical Paraguayan, Bolivian, Peruvian and Argentinean food
  • Visit the handicraft shops and market

Voluntary day: during our visit we can lend a hand to the volunteers working with the children by:

  • Offering help with homework and at the art workshops
  • Making afternoon tea
  • Organising sport and recreational activities

Our presence helps to minimise alienation.

Important details:

  • For choosing a Long - Term programme, at first, we recommend you to take the One- day programme. This let you know the working place, the possible areas, know tutors and people.
  • The One - day programme has no cost if you take it with the intention to take a Long one latter.
Leaving daily at 9.00 am and 12.00 am
Duration: 4 hours (approximately)
Cost: U$D 30

The cost includes transportation, meal, a bilingual guide, a guide of the settlement, photos of the tour and supplies for the workshops and for making afternoon tea.

Long-Term Programmes
Seeing, understanding, uncovering... and BE GLOBAL VOLUNTEER

There’s plenty to be done and we can all lend a hand. Every volunteer will be able to participate in an area according to their own skills, personal motives and interests. Choose from the following areas:

  • Education and culture
  • Medicine/medical assistance
  • New businesses
  • Project development/ search for solutions
  • Institutional development
  • To work in a network, together with other local and international NGO’s
  • Communication, press and marketing
  • Team management
  • Scheduled activities and tours.

Once a week: usd 60 a month
Twice a week: usd 70 a month
Three times a week: usd 120 a month
Four times a week: usd 140 a month
Five times a week: usd 160 a month

Why pay to volunteer?

Sometimes sounds strange to know that volunteers have a financial cost involved in International volunteer work.
Why would I pay to volunteer my time? There is an answer. DWS Spanish School together with Voluntario Global facilitate a mutually beneficial experience, both for the host NGO, and for the volunteers

NGO is benefiting from the efforts of the volunteer and they need the financial resources for going on with all the developing social programmes

At the same time the volunteer has the opportunity to do important, interesting work, and comes away with a “seeing, understanding, Uncovering” host country, the host NGO, and the social sector

However, The development of this relationship does require time and effort, DWS and Voluntario Global works analysing the needs of the NGOs and creating the right programmes.

Moreover, a volunteer’s programmes contribution is going to fund administrative costs, volunteer recruitment, tutorial and assisting in the development and execution of volunteer programmes, training and orientation, and funding the project itself (a percentage of each volunteer’s programme fee is donated to the host NGO and for meals and materials for diary needs.)

Please, contact us at info@dwsba.com.ar if you would like to receive further information about any of our volunteering programmes.


Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires


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Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires - Fun & New Friends
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Our privileged location in Recoleta, one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, not only allows us to create a relaxed environment to study, but also makes it easy for our students to go for a drink or a coffee after class on one of the beautiful cafes nearby... FIND OUT MORE
Watching a football match, dancing Tango, or a wine tour are some of many special activities were you can go with your schoolmates, practice your Spanish with native people, have a sense of the Argentinean lifestyle and culture, and of course… spend an amazing time... FIND OUT MORE
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