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Terms and Conditions

The application and confirmation process
  • A Coordinator from our School will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours of receiving your enrolment application form.
  • During the following week you will be receiving a confirmation letter together with an information packet.
The confirmation packet contains your enrolment confirmation, provides accommodation information (if available at that time), and includes any other relevant information about the school and the city.


The U$D 30 registration fee is non refundable. Only If we can not enrol you in the programme of your choice, will you be issued a full refund of your registration fee

National Holidays 2014

The following dates are national holidays and the school will be closed. Classes will start on Tuesdays on those weeks. All the hours missed those days will be made up during the rest of the week.

1st  January (Wed) New Year
3rd March (Mon) Carnival
4th March (Tue) Carnival
24th March (Mon) Memorial  Day for truth and justice
2nd  April (Wed) Falklands War Veterans Day 
17th  April (Thu) Holy Thursday
18th  April (Fri) Holy Friday
1st  May (Thu) Labor Day
2nd  May (Fri) Tourism Promotion Holiday
20th  June (Fri) Death of General Manuel Belgrano
9th  July (Wed) Independence Day
18th  August (Mon)  Death of General Jose de San Martin
13th  October (Mon) Cultural Diversity Day
24th  November (Mon) National Sovereignty Day
8th  December (Mon) Immaculate Conception of Mary
24th  December (Wed) Christmas Eve
25th  December (Thu) Christmas Day
26th  December ( Fri) Tourism Promotion Holiday
31th  December (Thu) New Years‘ Eve

There are no classes on national holidays. These classes cannot be compensated and are non-refundable. The school may suggest a special activity on the same day.


Modifications of your programme hours
Certain instances may arise where even though you have signed up for your group classes, there are no other students at your level of Spanish proficiency. The school will then place you in a private class. In these instances, you may find that your classroom hours will be reduced. If this is the case, you will still cover as much material as it would be covered with group instruction

Cultural activities & organized activities
We offer students a variety of complimentary activities. Activities include Tango classes, trips to local museums, pubs, night clubs, etc. For those activities taking place outside the school there may be minor fees the students need to pay. These extra fees typically cover expenses such as transportation and entrance fees. If a school offers weekend activities such as day trip or full weekend excursions, the students will be responsible for paying the full cost of this excursion

Disclaimer of Liability
DWS Idiomas is not liable for any risks you may encounter during travel to, from, and within the country in which your programme is located or your chosen accommodations, or at any other time or location during your trip. These risks may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, sickness, accidents. By signing the registration form (or by submitting a form online), you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold DanielaWasser Idiomas and its employees harmless of any and all liability that may arise

Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires
Enrollo Now to a Spanish Course in Buenos Aires


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Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires - Fun & New Friends
We want our students to have an unforgettable time. Our timetables include breakfasts, cocktails and special activities where you can meet with the other students so you can introduce yourself to network and have fun...FIND OUT MORE
Our privileged location in Recoleta, one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, not only allows us to create a relaxed environment to study, but also makes it easy for our students to go for a drink or a coffee after class on one of the beautiful cafes nearby... FIND OUT MORE
Watching a football match, dancing Tango, or a wine tour are some of many special activities were you can go with your schoolmates, practice your Spanish with native people, have a sense of the Argentinean lifestyle and culture, and of course… spend an amazing time... FIND OUT MORE
Personalized Spanish Course in Argentina

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or you have taken several Spanish classes before, our flexible courses are customized to fit your needs and completely personalized to your level, skills and available time. FIND OUT MORE

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